Privacy Policy:

Blackwidow ATV does not sell personal information to third parties. We share information with certain parties (such as UPS, Mastercard, affiliates, subcontractors, business partners, and so forth) as necessary to complete sales transactions, and your use of this website authorizes us to do so. Blackwidow ATV may contact you from time to time via e-mail or other electronic or written transmission or communication. You may opt out of these communications by sending an opt-out request via e-mail to the sales department.

Security Policy:

Blackwidow ATV values the safety and security of our clients' information. We use the latest technology to protect personal data on our servers, and in transmission across the internet.

Return Policy:

All parts listed and sold on the Blackwidow Website are warranted against manufacturing defects for ninety days. The warranty is limited to free replacement of the defective product upon the defective parts return to Blackwidow. Special order parts in unused condition may be returned to Blackwidow for a refund, less a 20% restocking fee. No refund on special order electrical components.

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