Featured Items:


One of the most critical protective devices is also one of the most ignored. That's because it is located UNDER our quads - and looking at the bottom of our quad usually only occurs at embarrassing moments. Here is a great opportunity to replace the three items that protect your swingarm, brake rotor, chain sprocket and chain from damage. This is almost a 50% discount from regular retail prices! Only $25.00 will get you these three parts: Rotor Guard, Sprocket Guard and Chain guide (Parts No. 6000138, 6000139, 6000140).

Red magnesium front hubs NEW! MAGNESIUM FRONT HUBS.

These hubs originally listed and sold at $156.00 EACH. Because of the recent discovery of some extra parts, a new pair of these hubs will now only run you $88.00. That's right, $88.00 for a PAIR of these hard-to-find parts. Each hub is 6 ounces lighter than their black (aluminum) mate. As part of this special, we will also include 8 new studs and 8 lugnuts, an additional $35.00 value! While they last!


We got our hands on LOTS of these fine-quality OEM tie rod ends! This gives us the opportunity to pass along a great deal to you. These parts used to list for $21.00 each piece. Instead, we can let you have a complete SET (2 left-hand and 2 right-hand) for only $20.00. Request part number 6000694.


Here's an opportunity to really improve your ride! These BRAND NEW, Factory, Cannondale ATV Seats. When manufactured, these seats had a suggested retail price of $158.00 for the black (Cannibal) seat and $197.00 for the yellows striped (Speed) seat. They are now available from Blackwidow ATV for only $50.00 each (Part No. 600642).

Crank Shim Kit CRANK SHIM KIT.

This kit contains an assortment of shims that you can insert behind the crank bearings and eliminate the end-play that causes so much excess wear on the engine components. The kit includes two .1mm and one each .2mm and .3mm shims. $6.00 for the kit. Order part number 43019.


With Cannondale engines increasing in displacement and power, we discovered that nothing has been done to help the clutch get the power out to the wheels. We've had these springs specially made to address this issue. Each spring averages eight pounds stronger than the original - adding almost fifty more pounds of force to the clutch stack! The best part is our pricing. Cannondale springs used to sell for about $9.00 each. We will sell you a complete set (6) of these new springs for only $18.00. Order part number 5001924.


These intake valves have been totally redesigned to raise the performance of your engine. They are re-designed on top to allow better flow of air/fuel into the cylinder, and the bottom of the valve is no longer convex (as on all the factory valves). This will help increase compression by eliminating this extra room in the head. NOTE: This is NOT a drop-in item. The intake valve seats will have to be re-shaped to allow these valves to seat properly. Price: $110.00 per pair. Order part number 42334.


Engineers at Cannondale discovered that if the regular velocity stack was removed from the ATVs and replaced with the one from the motorcycle; there was a two horsepower increase in power! This kit contains everything you'll need to make this conversion. Cheapest horsepower you'll ever find! $22.95 for the kit. Order part number 44001.

A-Arm Bushings A-ARM BUSHINGS.

We've located the last of the original, factory, a-arm bushings. Cannondale used to sell them for over $8.00 each! Our price, while they are still available: $0.75 each, or only $12.00 for the full set of 16 (needed to do a complete change-out on your quad). Part No. 6000152.


(For ATV) Everyone knows that Galfer manufactures the best braking components in the industry. We've made special arrangements with them to make their patented Wave Rotors available to the Cannondale community. These rotors are surplus parts that had been manufactured for the Cannondale factory. They are being made available at liquidation prices. When the supply is gone, they won't be available again. Since brake rotors are a wear item, our advice is to purchase a set while you can so you have them when your existing rotors wear out. The rotors have been "on sale" by our competitors for as low as $70.00 EACH. We are making the entire SET (2 fronts and one rear) available to you for only $110.00! Part No. 41034.

Oil Filters OIL FILTERS.

These are the same high-quality filters, from the same manufacturer, that you have been using. The only difference is the price – We ordered a few thousand of them, so we can pass the savings on to you. Your price is $6.00 for one filter, $11.00 for two ($5.50 each), and $5.00 for three or more! Part No. 5001740.

Air Filters AIR FILTERS.

You all know what happens if dirt gets into your engine! If you use No-Toil filters, you can rest assured that dirt and dust won't be getting in through the intake. Sold in pairs - so you can always have a backup ready to go. If you don't need two, find a friend and split the order. You won't find this great product at a lower price anywhere!
$19.45/each Part No. 40204 or $34.95/pair. Part No. 40205.

Air Filter Cleaning Kit AIR FILTER CLEANING KIT.

You will not find this three-part kit cheaper anywhere. Each kit contains 16 ounces of biodegradable cleaner, 16 ounces of filter oil, and a tube of sealing grease for the filter rims. This will work with any foam type air filter that uses an air filter oil. It works especially well with the No Toil filters. $16.95/kit. Part No. 43006.

Electrical Harness Update ELECTRICAL HARNESS UPDATE.

This harness addition addresses many of the problems that have plagued the electrical systems of the quads. This harness has been beautifully crafted using only the highest-quality materials, to provide the utmost in durability and reliability. One of the best changes is the inclusion of relays that allows full voltage from the battery to reach the fuel pump and fan, allowing them to run at full capacity, while still being controlled by the ECM. These relays are also individually fused to protect the ECM in the event of a failure of either the fan or fuel pump. The harness also eliminates many of the "mystery" electrical leaks that cause batteries to drain when not in use. Because we feel that the installation of this upgrade is so important for your continued satisfaction with your quad, we have decided to make it available to our customers at only a few dollars above our cost! Reduced to $99.80/each. Part No. 43005.

Transmission Drain Plug TRANSMISSION DRAIN PLUG.

Yes, they are made of steel. That's why they are better! You'll never strip out the head with your wrench. More important, being made of steel, the plug won't 'weld' itself to your aluminum case - as happens with aluminum - causing the plug to seize inside the case. The mouth of the filter hole is chamfered to help align the filter during installation. Now some fear that the steel will strip out the threads of the case. This will only happen if you try and wrench the plug down the same way you do your lug nuts! Use a little care - and the extra-thick copper seating washer we also provide - and you'll never have a problem. $16.95/each. Part No. 42404.

Aluminum Valve Cover ALUMINUM VALVE COVER.

The mold that once produced the magnesium valve covers has been modified and is now be producing the same part made from pure aluminum. Cannondale owners will now be able to use whatever coolant they desire, without fear of corrosive reactions with the valve cover! $149.00/each. Part No. 40496.

Stainless Steel Rear Brake Line STAINLESS STEEL REAR BRAKE LINE.

The majority of the Cannondale quads were sold with rubber rear brake lines as standard equipment. After years of use in this high-heat, high-stress location, they are probably due to be changed. We have worked a special deal with Streamline Performance Braking to bring you a STAINLESS STEEL replacement brake line. Our arrangement allows us to sell you this high-quality part at 25% below retail! $19.95/each. Part No. 6001036.