Engine Exchange Program:

We are pleased to announce our new engine exchange program.

1.  You must send us your old engine first. From there a determination of its value will be made. A damaged engine case will add $125 to the price of the exchange. A damaged head will add $75 to the cost of the exchange. * If parts are missing from the trade-in core (starter motor for example) the replacement engine will be shipped back to you with those parts removed.

2.  The exchange engine will be sent to you with a list of all new or re-manufactured parts installed. Certain components - such as starter motors, aluminum valve covers and impellers will be moved to your replacement engine from the old one you send us. The engine will have all updates installed. If you send us a cable or hydraulic clutch case, we will replace it with like kind. You may request a different style of case. We have cable and hydraulic clutch systems available for sale if you do so.

3.  Pricing. An exchange engine runs $1350. If you wish to have the head ported, the price for the exchange engine will be $1600.

4.  There are only two exceptions to the pricing. If your old engine doesn't have an aluminum valve cover, a new one will be installed at a cost to you of $125.00. If the old engine doesn't have an aluminum impeller, a new one will be installed on the exchange engine at a cost of $50.00.

Remember. You may not be receiving back the same engine core that you send us! (Unless specifically requested.)

* If the initial examination of the engine determines that the case is unusable (damaged or too old), a replacement case will be provided at a cost of $325.00. Engine heads that need replacement will cost $200.00.