Part NumberDescriptionNotesPrice (USD)
5000482O-ring, 2-011$1.14
5000484O-ring, 2-013$1.14
5000487O-ring, 2-012$1.19
5000489O-ring, 2-031$1.60
5000494O-ring, 2-021$1.25
5000495Voltage Regulator, Rectifier, MC$95.63
5000498Ball BearingIntake and exhaust cam large-end bearing$14.83
5000500Ball BearingTransmission main-shaft, case bearing$17.00
5000505Engine Stop Switch $28.33
5000506Needle Bearing,16x24x13Intake and exhaust cam small-end bearing$19.85
5000519Starter Clutch 1-way bearing"Sprague Clutch" $44.81
5000524Drive Chain Roller$10.49
5000535Front Brake Guide$4.00
5000542Radiator Cap$14.39
5000543Hose Clamp, 14-27mm $3.53
5000544In-line Fuel Filter $2.75
5000627Quad-ring, Cylinder Liner (Viton)$13.00
5000629Idler Gear Axle $17.58
5000630Primary Gear, M/C $67.34
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