Part NumberDescriptionNotesPrice (USD)
5000426Stud, M8 $5.98
5000428T.D.C ScrewTop Dead Center Bolt$4.18
5000434Nut, Hex, Flange,M6$1.89
5000437Switch Cap MCSwitch cap for motorcycle$3.71
5000439Flat Washer, 14mm $1.96
5000448Thrust Washer, .687x .511x .040$1.51
5000449Fuel Pump Bracket $7.66
5000455Clutch Spring Seat$3.47
5000461External Retaining Ring 25mm $1.93
5000463Valve Stem Seal$2.50
5000464Oil Seal, 40x62x6Large end seal for intake and exhaust cams$7.75
5000465Oil Seal, 14x25x5Oil seal for the intake cam small end$5.23
5000466Oil Seal, 33x47x7Crankshaft seal, cartridge plate side$4.86
5000468Countershaft Sprocket Cover $7.27
5000468/USEDCountershaft Sprocket CoverUSED$5.82
5000469Oil Seal, 20x30x7Flywheel side crank seal for hydraulic clutch cases. For cable clutch cases, use part No. 5001931$6.67
5000470Oil Seal, 30x40x7Seal for countershaft output$4.20
5000473Oil Seal, 14X22X4 (2 LIP)Shift Shaft seal$5.78
5000478Fuel Injector Fitting (Base)$15.35
5000480Oil Drain Fitting, Frame $15.47
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