Part NumberDescriptionNotesPrice (USD)
6001112Seal, Moto A-arm$3.25
6001113Spiral ClipSpiral Clip for Moto A-arms$0.29
6001114A-arm Rod End InsertA-arm Rod End Insert (for upper Moto A-arm)$15.13
6001116Sprocket, Rear, 40T$42.50
6001117Jam Nut, M16x1.5Jam Nut, M16x1.5 (for Upper Moto A-arm)$1.88
6001119Zerk Fitting, M6 StraightZerk Fitting, M6 Straight (for Moto A-arms)$1.89
6001120Solenoid Mounting BracketSolenoid Mounting Bracket (for new style starter solenoid)$1.82
6001127Spacer, Zerk Fitting$0.08
6001128Screw, Set M5x8mm, ZincScrew, Set M5x8mm, Zinc$0.41
6001130Chain Guide $11.86
6001150Spacer, Front Hub,Tapered$6.01
6001156Headlight Seal (Set)Headlight seals for lights mounted on the bezels (Covers)$16.50
6001184Headlight Cover Set, Orange$21.34
6001199Headlight Cover Set, Silver $22.89
6001201Headlight Pivot Spacer$4.91
6001233Bearing Preload Disc Spring $7.27
42002Engine Mount updateDesigned to protect against engine case cracking caused by frame torquing on the ATV. This update replaces the two bolts that lock the front of the engine to the cradle.$15.00
6000166ATV rear brake lineStandard rear brake line (hose)$9,00
6000014Brake Piston Rebuild KitReplacement piston and o-rings for ATV brake calopers.38.40
43205Air Filter Cage, ATV23.66
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