Part NumberDescriptionNotesPrice (USD)
6001058Footpeg Support Right $63.56
6001070Bushing, Nerf Bar $12.36
6001071Nerf Bar Netting Red, Blue, BlackOEM Nerf Bar Netting (in Red, Blue,or Black)$12.00
6001073Integrated FootpegFootpeg for OEM nerf bars$45.52
6001075Sprocket, Rear, 44T, Talon$22.03
6001081Sprocket, Rear, 38T, Talon$24.79
6001084Rear Spacer for Moto Axle$11.00
6001092Steering Column $113.78
6001096Link RodLink Rod – Steering Damper$8.79
6001097Rotary Damper Link Arm$13.50
6001098SHCS, M10x35mm, Nylok $3.58
6001099Nut, Hex, M6 X 1Hex nut for steering damper link arm$0.14
6001102Rear Fender Support, LRear Fender Support, Left, for use with Nerf Bars$13.50
6001103Rear Fender Support, RRear Fender Support, Right, for use with Nerf Bars$13.50
6001104SHCS, M10x35, Nylok $3.58
6001107Nerf Bar Band Clamp $2.18
6001108FSHCS, M6x50mm $3.53
6001109Bearing, SphericalSpherical bearing for Moto A-arms$14.85
6001110A-arm Pivot WasherAlso see Part No. 41110$5.63
6001111A-arm Pivot SpacerAlso see Part No. 41111$6.63
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