Part NumberDescriptionNotesPrice (USD)
6000763Foot Basket Wire Assy, R $19.10
6000767/USEDThrottle Body Assy, ATV $185.60
6000769“Bread box” muffler$25.00
6000790/USEDSubframe Weldment, ATVUSED$181.52
6000792/USEDGrab Rail Weldment, ATV USED$48.44
6000838Hose, Sheath, 10x200mm200mm long insulating sheath for fuel lines$3.00
6000839Fuel Hose, 230mm longFrom tank to fuel filter on tanks with the fuel outlet connection at the front. For tanks with the outlet at the rear, use part No. 6000422.$3.45
6000861Hose, Oil, Spar to THose with 90 degree bend - included in kit 6000862$14.32
6000862Hose, Oil update kitHose, Oil update kit$39.65
6000999Snap Ring, M18Snap Ring, M18$0.75
6001020Spar Cover, Left, SilverInjection Molded$23.51
6001021Spar Cover, Right, SilverInjection Molded$23.51
6001031Hub, Front, Red, MagnesiumThis hub is 6 ounces lighter than the standard black aluminum front hub.$44.00
6001034Brake Rotor, Wave, FrontGALFER wave rotor$45.00
6001035Brake Rotor, Wave, RearGALFER wave rotor$55.00
6001036Brake Line, RearThe majority of the Cannondale quads were sold with rubber rear brake lines as standard equipment. After years of use in this high-heat, high-stress location, they are probably due to be changed. We have worked a special deal with Streamline Performance Braking to bring you a STAINLESS STEEL replacement brake line. Our arrangement allows us to sell you this high-quality part at 25% below retail!$19.95
6001039Ignition Switch PlateStandard on Blaze and Moto models. Allows for the installation of a lanyard-style kill switch.$8.52
6001042Front Bake LineFront Bake Line (extended, for Moto)$95.00
6001046Headlight Cover Set, Red $19.60
6001056Footpeg Support Left $63.56
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