Part NumberDescriptionNotesPrice (USD)
6000681Coolant Bleed Hose$7.61
6000686Ball JointA Blackwidow exclusive! Improved replacement for OEM ball joint. Built to OEM specs by the original manufacturer, but using carbon-fiber races instead of the old nylon ones. Built to last longer than the original!$30.00
6000694Tie Rod End Set (4 pieces)A complete set (2 left-hand thread and 2 right-hand thread) OEM tie rod ends.$20.00
6000695Tie-Rod End, Right-handOEM part$5.00
6000696Tie-Rod End, Left-handOEM part$5.00
6000697Flat Head Cap Screw M10x1.25x27mmFlat Head Cap Screw to attach the chain sprocket and brake rotors$1.08
6000698Locknut, Flange, M10x1.25Locknut (use with 6000697)$0.71
6000701Steering Tie RodTie Rod – Standard Length$25.00
6000702Nut, Hex, Left-Hand ThreadLock-nut for tie rod ends – left-hand thread$2.37
6000703Nut, Hex, Right-hand ThreadLock-nut for tie rod ends – right-hand thread$2.37
6000704Tie Rod StudTie Rod Stud$9.35
6000705Tie Rod Stud SpacerTie Rod Stud Spacer$8.50
6000706Ring, Retaining, External, 1.118$1.11
6000721Harness Cnnctr, Diode $12.87
6000726/USEDSwingarm, ATVUSED$525.00
6000730Ball Joint, Upper a-arm, MotoReplaced by part number 44110-
6000733/USEDFuel Tank, ATVUSED$105.16
6000734Jumper LeadRe-routes power from the voltage regulator directly to the battery.$8.60
6000738Plug, 5/8, Plastic PlugPlugs the kill switch hole on the key plate$0.14
6000762Foot Basket Wire Assy, L $19.10
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