Part NumberDescriptionNotesPrice (USD)
6000587/USEDLeft Foot BasketUSED$15.31
6000588Right Foot Basket $28.75
6000591Airbox Lid$10.85
6000592Ignition Cover$12.09
6000594Rear Fender, Red $119.00
6000595Engine Oil Dipstick Seal$1.92
6000598HHCS, M6x75mm$2.23
6000600Headlight Seal $8.15
6000605Swingarm Buffer (ATV)$17.25
6000628Washer, 20.6x38.1x3.6mm$2.19
6000633Front Brake Rotor, Standard $19.50
6000640Isolation Strip, 143x33x8mm $6.43
6000642Seat Black$50.00
6000658Grab Rail Weldment Rear Bumper, ATV$65.95
6000659/USEDEngine CradleUSED$150.00
6000667Insert, Flange, 10.3x15.7x24.4mmInsert Flange for a-arm bushings$3.42
6000668Wiring HarnessVersion 8.1 wiring harness, the last version Cannondale produced.$295.00
6000671Clutch Lever AssemblyComplete Magura clutch lever assembly$140.00
6000675Airbox Gasket, 638mm longAirbox Gasket, 638mm. This piece is long enough to replace every seal in the airbox$2.00
6000678Vacuum Hose, 5/32" I.D. 520mm lengthVacuum hose for ECU$2.69
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