Part NumberDescriptionNotesPrice (USD)
6000476Fuel Hose Sheath, 170mmReturn line, regulater to fuel tank$2.55
6000478Hose Sheath, 10x353mm$5.25
6000480Hose, Fuel, 383mm $5.75
6000487Carriage Bolt, M6x25mm $1.87
6000488Pin, Cotter, 2.5x32mmCotter Pin for Ball Joints$1.96
6000502Hex Cap Screw, M4x30$8.21
6000504Button Head Cap Screw, M6 x 20 Zinc, NylockButton-head screw for use on ATV plastics$0.35
6000505Radiator Guard, Right $7.99
6000506Radiator Guard, Left $7.99
6000508Clutch Lever, Cable, ATV$12.50
6000520ignition Switch Ring $10.33
6000543Upper Shock Mount Bushing $2.06
6000547Temperature Sensor, Fan $27.08
6000553Front Hub, Black, with studs$22.00
6000582Socket Head Cap Screw, Flange, M4x16, Zinc$1.67
6000583Baffled Electric Tray, Injection Molded$10.47
6000584Front Hood, Red $115.00
6000585Spar Cover, Left, Black $18.35
6000586Spar Cover, Right, Black $18.35
6000587Left Foot Basket $28.75
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