Part NumberDescriptionNotesPrice (USD)
6000380Foot Basket Wire Assy, Inner L $12.95
6000383Wire ClipMetal clip (tab) that folds over the support wires and allows plastics to be attached with tophats and bolts.$0.75
6000384Hose, Oil Return, ATV$18.35
6000386Hose, Oil, Cover to SparVent hose from valve cover to spar$19.67
6000388Seat CatchSeat Catch$5.22
6000391Socket Head Cap Screw, M8x25mm Socket Head Cap Screw for ATV engine Cradle$1.55
6000394Engine Oil Fill Dipstick $5.04
6000398Preload Retainer$8.48
6000412FHB, M8x55mm $2.89
6000422Hose, Fuel, 265mmGoes from tank to fuel filter on old-style (rear outlet) tanks. For new style (front outlet) tanks, use 6000839.$3.98
6000424Rubber Grommet, Skidplate $3.53
6000439Bolt/Knob M8x40Holds down the ATV seat$7.46
6000444Spacer, Front Shock$5.23
6000446Spacer, Seat Catch$1.02
6000460Bushing, Swingarm Brake Torque Stop$2.76
6000461Axle Preload Nut Washer$3.78
6000462Button Head Cap Screw M6x16 Zinc, NylokButton Head screw for use on ATV plastics$0.32
6000463FHCS, M5x8mm, Nylok $3.10
6000465Electronics Tray Seal$2.24
6000474Lug Nut, M10The flat-faced lugnut needed for Cannondale factory wheels$1.25
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