Part NumberDescriptionNotesPrice (USD)
6000314Nut, Lock M6 $3.22
6000317Hose, Fuel, 350mmInjector to fuel pressure regulator$5.25
6000318Hose, Fuel, 130mmFuel filter to pump on tanks with front outlet. Also fuel pump to injector on ATV.$1.95
6000319Hose, Fuel, 727mmFuel filter to pump on rear-outlet fuel tanks$7.50
6000320Hose, Sheath, 10x697mm697mm long insulating sheath for fuel lines$10.50
6000322Stator, Electrex (high output, ATV)$144.95
6000326Hub Assembly,Rear, BlackAluminum black rear hub with 4 wheel studs$51.21
6000327Clutch Basket, 86 toothClutch Basket, 86 tooth for ATV$122.40
6000327/USEDClutch Basket, ATVUSED$77.82
6000328Starter Motor CableStarter Motor Cable$12.54
6000329Positive Battery CablePositive Battery Cable$16.05
6000329/USEDPositive Battery CableUSED$12.84
6000330Negative Battery Cable$9.28
6000330/USEDNegative Battery CableUSED$7.42
6000331See Part Number 6000327
6000345T-Nut, 24mm $12.25
6000350Voltage Rectifier/Regulator (ATV)$112.44
6000370Taillight mount bushing$5.63
6000373Bushing, 14x28.6x21mm $7.79
6000379Foot Basket Wire Assy, Inner R $12.95
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