Part NumberDescriptionNotesPrice (USD)
6000191/USEDHeadlight Cover Set, BlackUSED$16.32
6000197Battery Box$10.46
6000198Battery Strap, ATV $13.57
6000198/USEDBattery Strap, ATVUSED$10.86
6000199Isolation Strip, 87x24x5mmBattery Box Isolation Strip$3.58
6000201Airbox CoverTop part of the airbox$12.19
6000202Airbox Base$17.00
6000203Ar Filter Base Plate$9.50
6000205Air Filter WIRE CAGE ONLY$23.66
6000206Air Filter Hold Down Clip$4.49
6000207Hose, Vent, Frame to airbox18.93
6000208Air Box Drain Hose$2.94
6000211Shift Lever Assembly$11.50
6000219Radiator Saddle$11.56
6000220Coolant Reservoir Bottle$18.75
6000221Hose, Coolant, Radiator to Pump$9.94
6000222Hose, Coolant, Radiator to Outer Cover$6.42
6000223Hose, Coolant, Radiator to Reservoir$5.08
6000227Main Drive Gear, 28 toothATV primary drive gear$61.56
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