Part NumberDescriptionNotesPrice (USD)
6000135Axle Carrier Stop$4.34
6000136Axle Eccentric Spacer Tube$14.14
6000137Axle Bearing Preload Screw$12.59
6000138Rotor GuardProtects the bottom of the swingarm and the brake rotor.$15.87
6000139Drive Chain Block Guide$12.05
6000140Sprocket GuardProtects the bottom of the swingarm and the chain sprocket.$12.76
6000141Disc Brake Mounting Plate, Rr $50.96
6000142Foot Peg, Left, Black Powder Coated$15.67
6000143Foot Peg, Right, Black Powder Coated$15.67
6000144Bushing 34.9x60x57mm$11.37
6000147A-arm Upright Assembly, Right$81.29
6000152Bushing 15.7x28.6x21mmFactory original bushings for a-arm pivots$1.25
6000156A-arm Upright Assembly, Left$81.29
6000167Clutch Cable, ATV$20.61
6000168Throttle Cable, ATV$24.04
6000171Headlight Assembly $23.21
6000172Headlight Pivot Spacer $4.92
6000173Headlight Mounting Bracket$6.86
6000173/USEDHeadlight Mounting BracketUSED$5.49
6000191Headlight Cover Set, Black$20.40
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