Part NumberDescriptionNotesPrice (USD)
5002611Radiator Guard $21.45
5002611/USEDRadiator GuardUSED$17.16
5002615Voltage rectifier/regulator (MX)Voltage rectifier/regulator for European models (long power cord)$91.70
5002615/USEDVoltage rectifier/regulator (MX)USED$57.36
5002809Strap, Headlight, MotorcycleRubber strap to hold on MX headlight assembly$4.95
6000690Oetiker Hose Clamp, 13.8mm$0.47
6000279Front Brake Line Clamp$0.85
6000000Front Brake Master Cyl Assy $74.82
6000001Brake Master Cyl. Assy. $76.52
6000002Caliper Assembly, Front Brake, Left$88.97
6000003Caliper Assembly, Front Brake, Right$88.97
6000005Wheel Stud$3.15
6000006Caliper Assembly, Rear Brake$88.97
6000009Insert, Hub, Front, Outer$1.25
6000010Seal, Front Hub, Inner$2.44
6000011Seal, Front Hub, Outer$2.48
6000012Rear Axle Eccentric Seal$2.50
6000015Brake Pad Set, LeftBrake pad pairs for the left front and rear brakes$34.95
6000017Brake Pad Set, RightBrake pad pairs for the right front brake$34.95
6000021Brake Lever, Front, ATV $18.75
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