Part NumberDescriptionNotesPrice (USD)
5002340Throttle Body Assembly (MX)$141.52
5002340/USEDThrottle Body Assembly (MX)USED$113.23
5002341SHCS, M6x30mmSHCS, M6x30mm$1.89
5002352Engine Oil Inlet Fitting$5.45
5002372Clutch Lever, Shorty, Magura $18.00
5002395Piston Kit, CompleteOEM kit. Includes: Piston, Sleeve, Wristpin, Rings & Circlips$150.00
5002396Piston, 95mmOEM Piston, 95mm$80.00
5002397Cylinder, 95mmOEM Cylinder, 95mm$60.00
5002404Transmission Oil Drain Plug (see 42404)
5002405Transmission Drain WasherUse part No. 42405
5002406Engine Oil Drain PlugEngine Oil Drain Plug (see part no. 42406)
5002410Insulating BootInsulating Boot, protects the terminals on the fuel pump$2.35
5002419Crankshaft Cartridge Plate Sub Assembly$195.84
5002419/USEDCrankshaft Cartridge Plate Sub AssemblyUSED$125.00
5002430Lock Washer, M6$0.61
5002435Valve Guide$11.30
5002443Engine Rebuild Gasket KitSpecify if this kit is for an engine with a hydraulic or cable clutch.$140.00
5002513Super Motard, Front Brake, Caliper Mount $61.10
5002520Voltage Rectifier/Regulator (MC)$91.70
5002594Starter Motor O-ring$0.42
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