Part NumberDescriptionNotesPrice (USD)
5002155Scavenge Pump Shaft$16.17
5002155/USEDScavenge Pump ShaftUSED$12.94
5002157Bolt, Pivot, Timing Chain Tensioner$7.44
5002160Bushing, Starter Clutch $5.65
5002161Cylinder Head Seal (alien ears)$8.49
5002163Clutch Pushrod For Hydraulic Clutch$23.77
5002191Locknut, M12 $1.44
5002195Flange Head Bolt, M6 X 65$0.88
5002197FHB, M6x45$1.42
5002198Hose, Breather, Frame $10.08
5002202Hose, Fuel, Fitting to Pump$5.37
5002203Hose, Fuel, Pump$7.76
5002204Hose, Fuel, Injector to regulator$10.34
5002205Hose, Fuel, Regulator to Tank $11.60
5002216Cable, Negative Battery $7.83
5002217Battery Strap $15.01
5002218Cable, Starter Motor $11.14
5002220Shock Eyelet Bushing $9.68
5002233Hose, Oil Return, MXOil return hose - Engine to Frame$19.72
5002254Switch, Headlight $11.63
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