Part NumberDescriptionNotesPrice (USD)
5002049Positive Battery CablePositive Battery Cable$8.59
5002050Clutch Basket BearingClutch Basket Bearing$6.12
5002057Titanium Valve RetainerTitanium Valve Retainer$20.24
5002058Clutch plate, friction, 2.82 mmClutch plate, friction, 2.82 mm$9.50
5002058 - 8Clutch plate, friction, 2.82 mmSet of 8 friction plates. Only $7.00 each$56.00
5002071Oil Level Sight WindowOil Level Sight Window$5.95
5002075/USEDMX Fuel Pump MountUSED$8.00
5002080Radiator Motorcycle,”S” Model $198.00
5002095Clutch Lever Assy, Magura $102.89
5002103Subframe, MC $207.75
5002124Fuel Pump Guard $12.07
5002138Velocity Stack, Short $11.50
5002140Fuel Tank Female Quick ConnectFor use at the front of the tank (1 or 2 needed).$12.72
5002141Fuel Tank, 90 degree male inlet$14.53
5002145Hose, Coolant, Bleed$5.65
5002146Hose, Radiator to Outlet$8.23
5002147Hose, Radiator to Water Pump$6.50
5002148Bolt, Brass, M6 X 7mm$1.69
5002149Airbox, Motorcycle $56.81
5002154FHB M12x73mm, Shock Bolt $3.30
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