Part NumberDescriptionNotesPrice (USD)
5001931Crankcase Oil Seal 20x30x5Flywheel side crank seal for cable clutch cases. For hydraulic clutch cases, use part No. 5000469.$3.96
5001933Washer, .320x.547x.040$1.43
5001935Flat Head Torx Screw M5x 0.80 x14mm$2.80
5001939Swingarm Buffer (MX)$15.96
5001941Sckthd, Hex Screw,M6x1.0x16 $1.14
5001944Zinc Flat Head Bolt M5x25mm $2.24
5001945GHB M5x35mm, Zinc $3.58
5001946GHB M5x30mm, Zinc $2.74
5001947Button Head Torx Screw M5x14mm$0.82
5001948Cam Chain Tensioner Shoe Pivot $24.46
5001951ECU MC1000 UnprogrammedAlso called 'ECM' or 'Computer'$85.00
5001952Engine Start Switch$15.56
5001953Engine Stop Switch Assy. ATV$16.11
5001957Nut, Hex Flange, M8$2.25
5001962Starter Solenoid, w/Connector (new style)Starter Solenoid, w/Connector (new style) An additional plug, connected with a blue and red wire, easily distinguishes this solenoid from the original (5000850.)$24.95
5001964Intake Valve Seat$9.28
5001965Exhaust Valve Seat$8.59
5001969Clutch Pushrod For Cable Clutch$25.47
5001970Woodruff KeyFor flywheel$2.25
5001971Throttle Body Bypass Actuator$43.23
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