Part NumberDescriptionNotesPrice (USD)
5001778Fuel Pickup Filter $6.12
5001781Ignition Coil Assembly$48.00
5001783Seal 11.7x25x6Behind the impeller on the intake cam shaft$4.71
5001784Roller Bearing 31.5x52x15Roller Bearing 31.5x52x15$52.00
5001787O-ring Viton,100x2.5mmCylinder head o-ring – Viton,100x2.5mm$4.75
5001789Hose Clamp, 37-51mm $3.40
5001792Skid Plate, AlumFor all models except X and S$27.99
5001793Needle Bearing 20x26x16Counterbalancer shaft bearing$8.63
5001794#10 Lock Washer, Package of 2$2.80
5001796Bearing 25x62x17mmCrank cartridge plate, crank bearing$37.00
5001797Disc Spring, 50x1.25 $4.98
5001829Timing Chain Guide Support$9.44
5001857Fly Wheel$108.00
5001857 / USEDUsed Flywheel$60.00
5001858Pressure Pump HousingPressure Pump Assembly$90.95
5001859Oil Filter HousingOil Filter Housing$39.72
5001860Water Pump HousingWater Pump Housing with Bleeder$35.51
5001861Idler Gear BracketIdler Gear Bracket$38.81
5001862Cam Drive Gear BracketCam Drive Gear Bracket$42.67
5001863Start Clutch CoverStart Clutch Cover$20.48
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