Part NumberDescriptionNotesPrice (USD)
5001622One Way Clutch Spacer$3.35
5001627Hub, ClutchAluminum inner clutch hub$51.27
5001627/USEDHub, ClutchUSED$35.00
5001630Dowel Pin, 3x11.8mm$1.96
5001641Nut, He, 6-32 $3.10
5001642Washer, Serrated, No. 6, Zinc $1.83
5001670Valve Adjustment Shim 2.45$6.42
5001671Flathead Hex Screw, M6X1.0x45$2.37
5001675Needle Bearing 15x21x16Engine case counter balance bearing$7.12
5001676Dowell Pin – Camshaft Gear$2.19
5001694Magnesium Clutch Cover$32.60
5001700Phillips Head BoltFor brakeline brackets on a-arms$1.85
5001724Thrust Washer 12x20x.8$2.07
5001731Cylinder Head StudCold Headed Cylinder Head Stud$2.61
5001740Engine Oil FilterThese are the same high-quality filters, from the same manufacturer, that you have been using. The only difference is the price – We ordered a few thousand of them, so we can pass the savings on to you. $6.00
5001740-22 Engine Oil FiltersA small discount for buying the oil filters in pairs!$11.00
5001740-33 or more Engine Oil FiltersPrice per filter for purchases of 3 or more filters at a time.$5.00
5001745Seal, Double Lip, 8x16x6mm$5.57
5001756Exhaust Camshaft Assy.Exhaust Camshaft Assy.$175.00
5001767Electric Control Module (500 series)Half the size of the 1000 series ECU. Only has one plug.$285.00
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