Part NumberDescriptionNotesPrice (USD)
42405Transmission oil drain washerIncluded with part No. 42404$2.10
42406Engine Drain Plug (Magnetic)Engine drain plug with strong magnet inside to capture any floating steel particles and prevent engine damage.$16.95
43002Fly Wheel PullerManufactured by Stubblefield Sales, this is the tool you MUST have to remove the flywheel during engine disassembly. We have the best price in town on this must-have tool!$17.75
43005Wiring harness Update This harness addition addresses many of the problems that have plagued the electrical systems of the quads. This harness has been beautifully crafted using only the highest-quality materials, to provide the utmost in durability and reliability. One of the best changes is the inclusion of relays that allows full voltage from the battery to reach the fuel pump and fan, allowing them to run at full capacity, while still being controlled by the ECM. These relays are also individually fused to protect the ECM in the event of a failure of either the fan or fuel pump. The harness also eliminates many of the "mystery" electrical leaks that cause batteries to drain when not in use. Because we feel that the installation of this upgrade is so important for your continued satisfaction with your quad, we have decided to make it available to our customers at only a few dollars above our cost!$99.80
43019Crank Shim KitThese shims are used to remove end-play from the crank. Set of 4 pieces in different thicknesses (2 X.1mm, .2mm, and .3mm).$6.00
43020Fuel Injector Electrical ConnectorComplete replacement plug for fuel injectors, coolant temperature sensor, air temperature sensor and crank position sensor.$5.00
43028Cylinder Head O-ring (for WWE piston kit ONLY)Replacement o-ring for the WWE 450cc and 460cc piston kits. (WWE kits will not accept standard cylinder top o-rings – this is the correct part).$5.25
43101Hose, Magura, Hydraulic ClutchHydraulic hose for the Magura hydraulic clutch assemblies$35.00
43102Slave Cylinder, Magura, Hydraulic ClutchSlave Cylinder for the Magura hydraulic clutch assemblies$59.00
43103Master Cylinder/Lever, Magura, Hydraulic ClutchMaster Cylinder/Lever for the Magura hydraulic clutch assemblies$80.00
44110Ball Joint, Moto, UpperAn improved (and less expensive) replacement ball joint for use on the upper a-arms on MOTO ATVs. Replaces part number 6000730. Sold in pairs.$75.50 per pair
44111Adapter Sleeve, Ball joint, MotoFor converting the Moto a-arms to accept part number 44110$17.50 per pair
5000011/USEDStarter Motor 12V 0.65kw USEDUSED$85.00
5000016Thrust Washer, 8 x 12 x .762Thrust Washer, 8 x 12 x .762$1.80
5000035Brake Pad Set, Front, MC $32.91
5000070Rear Wheel Axle $62.25
5000082Rear Brake Set, MC $35.93
5000085Rear Brake Reservoir Bottle$9.53
5000087Rear Brake Line GuideRear Brake Line Guide$4.86
5000093FHB, M6x25, Nylock $1.22
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