Part NumberDescriptionNotesPrice (USD)
5001478Sckthd, Hex Screw,M5x0.8x20 $1.89
5001480Sckthd, Hex Screw,M5x0.8x20 $1.23
5001481Sckthd, Hex Screw,M6x1.25x20 $2.09
5001482Sockethead Hex Screw M6 x 1.0 x 25$2.03
5001485Sckthd, Hex Screw,M6x1.25x25 $2.07
5001488Sckthd, Hex Screw,M12x1.25x25 $1.74
5001495Starter Clutch Friction Plate $11.02
5001496Starter Clutch Pressure Plate $7.66
5001497Starter Clutch Metallic Disc $4.51
5001501Banjo FittingFuel system$13.85
5001502Banjo BoltFuel system$9.07
5001511Radiator Drain Plug $5.83
5001512Fender Nut M6Fender Nut M6$6.04
5001514Top-Hat Washer, Single thickAluminum tophat washer that holds your plastic bodywork. Requirements: 2 per headlight cover. 6 per front hood. 4 per foot basket. 4 per rear hood. 1 per spar cover. $1.85
5001523Stud,M6x25,Zinc,3M Scotchgrip$4.30
5001531Top-Hat Washer - double thickAluminum washer that holds your plastic bodywork. Requirements: 2 per front hood.4 per rear hood. $1.95
5001541Isolation Strip, Fuel Pump $5.32
5001543Washer, Nylon $3.04
5001544Fuel Regulator HousingBlack plastic housing for the fuel pressure regulator (5000395)$11.21
5001545O-ring Fuel Injector Top – NitrileO-ring Fuel Injector Top – See part No. 41545
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