Part NumberDescriptionNotesPrice (USD)
5001406Dowel Pin 2x20$1.73
5001425Constant Section Retaining Ring$2.70
5001434Transmission Oil Fill Cap$3.77
5001446Cylinder Head Sub-assembly$337.85
5001451Fender Washer, M8 $3.89
5001454Flathead Torx Screw, M6x1.0x45$2.25
5001457Stud M3 x 12$2.30
5001458Nut Hex Flange M3$1.22
5001461O-ring 2-111$2.23
5001463Coolant Hose, Rad to Outlet Cover $11.83
5001464Coolant Hose, Rad to Water Pump $9.28
5001465Starter Clutch Basket$72.41
5001466Starter Clutch Shaft $28.38
5001468Phillips HD Screw, M6x16, Nylok $2.19
5001470Top Hat Washer, Chain Buffer$4.01
5001473Buttonhead HexScrew M4x0.7x8$1.96
5001474Button Head Hex Screw M6 X 1.0 X 8$2.03
5001475Sckthd, Hex Screw,M5x0.8x12 $1.89
5001476Sockethead Hex Screw M5 x 0.8 x 16$1.43
5001477Sckthd, Hex Screw,M5x0.8x15 $1.89
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