Part NumberDescriptionNotesPrice (USD)
5001252Screw, Set, M5x25$2.10
5001255Hose Nipple, 6mm $5.96
5001258Adell Clamp, (Stator Wires) $2.80
5001259Oil Transfer Tube$8.04
5001264BCHS, M10x25$2.67
5001268Guard, Rear Master Cylinder $9.80
5001271Flat Washer M4 (Aluminum)$2.61
5001274Switch Clamp$3.72
5001275O-ring 2-147$2.75
50012808mm Metal Ball For use in the clutch$2.49
5001281Spark Plug - CR8EKCold Weather plug$9.20
5001288Shock Mount Bearing Circlip $4.01
5001290Ohlins Rear Shock Spacer $5.00
5001291Shock Mount Bearing$43.85
5001345Exhaust Crush Washer$1.50
5001346Idle Adjustment Thumbwheel$6.51
5001349Oil Inlet Hose (Frame to Engine)$3.18
5001351Breather Hose, Cyl Head to Frame $23.15
5001355Oil Seal 15x24x5Oil Seal for the small end of the exhaust cam$5.85
5001401Throttle Body Sleeve $12.76
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