Part NumberDescriptionNotesPrice (USD)
5001136Split Dowel Pin, 5x10$1.22
5001146Dowel Pin .0627x.375Dowel Pin for pressure pump gears.$0.34
5001148Rubber Throttle Body Coupling$11.55
5001149Throttle Body Coupling Band Clamp$7.67
5001149/USEDThrottle Body Coupling Band ClampUSED$6.14
5001152Roller Bearing 10x14x12$6.63
5001156Spacer, Drive Gear Sprocket $6.42
5001158Thin Gerotor Assembly 4065 x.1875Scavenge pump$14.20
5001159Thick Gerotor Assembly 4065 x 625Scavenge pump$16.68
5001163Solid dowel pin, 4x6$0.37
5001164Exhaust Cam Sleeve $3.32
5001182Nut, Hex Flange, M10$3.71
5001183Dowel Pin, 3x9.8mm$2.10
5001184Flange Head Bolt, M6 X 12$2.37
5001207Gerotor Assembly 6022 x .226Engine oil pump $13.11
5001226Rear Brake Pedal$41.02
5001238Rivet AB4-6CLDFor use in airboxes$2.03
5001239Intake End Retaining RingUsed to secure the velocity stack in airbox$5.07
5001244Thrust Washer 20 ODx10.10 IDx1Thk$1.51
5001248Circlip 8mm$1.96
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