Part NumberDescriptionNotesPrice (USD)
5000968O-ring, 2-025$2.07
5000990Splined Lock Washer – Stainless Steel – locks down the countershaft sprocket nut$4.65
5000991Counter Shaft Sprocket Retaining Nut$9.92
5000992Transmission Pressure Relief Ball$5.27
5000993Transmission Pressure Relief SpringTransmission Pressure Relief Spring$5.64
5000996Shift Fork Centering SpringShift Fork Centering Spring$3.29
5000997Shift Fork Roller BushingShift Fork Roller Bushing$2.85
5000998Balance Shaft Thrust Washer 15x28x1m$2.13
5001007Needle Bearing,12x16x10Needle bearing for the camshaft idler gear (1 needed) and the drive gear sprocket (2 needed)$7.06
5001008Cotter Pin, 4x36$2.10
5001013Flange Head Bolt, M6 X 16$1.87
5001028External Retaining Ring, M10$0.96
5001036Scavenge Pump Drive Pin$1.84
5001037Scavenge Pump Locating PinUse part No. 5001136
5001039Cam Chain Guide$7.24
5001044Flange Nut, M12x1.25$2.37
5001051Solid dowel pin, 5x12 $2.07
5001059Transmission Oil Line Adapter$10.76
5001061O-ring, 2-008$.68
5001062Engine Oil Inlet FittingAluminum$19.92
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