Part NumberDescriptionNotesPrice (USD)
5000724Engine Oil Filler Plug - MC $4.06
5000726Phillips HD Screw, M5x8, Nylok$1.53
5000754Swingarm Pivot Inner Seal$5.23
5000755Swingarm Pivot Bearing – Inner Spacer$6.35
5000756Swingarm Pivot Needle Bearing$6.80
5000757Swingarm Pivot Thrust Washer$12.78
5000758Swingarm Pivot Thrust Bearing$9.01
5000759Swingarm Pivot Outer Seal$7.12
5000770Flat Washer, M10Hardened$1.23
5000775Oetiker Hose Clamp, 17mm$0.99
5000803Silencer Grommet$5.27
5000814Swingarm Bearing & Seal Kit18 piece kit to replace all the bearings, washers, spacers, and seals in the swingarm pivot.$83.50
5000816Ball BearingCrank cartridge plate, counterbalancer bearing$12.43
5000820Needle BearingTransmission shift drum, case bearing$8.21
5000827Idle Adjust Thumbwheel Spring$1.33
5000828O-ring, 016$.61
5000850Starter Solenoid w/ bracket, old styleStarter Solenoid (old style) A metal backing/mounting plate easily distinguishes this solenoid from the newer model (5001962.)$24.26
5000852Coil Hold Down$10.45
5000853Upper Coil Seal$5.78
5000862Flange Head Bolt M6 X 40$2.61
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